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Community WISP will customize a wireless solution to fit your needs, regardless of what your business priorities are, or what technologies you are currently deploying.

CWISP Solutions work within your existing network, without any additional infrastructure changes, or large capital investments.

Our solutions provide high speed Internet access, and related business applications that are easy to install, maintain and to scale should your needs change in the future.

Let us show you how our solutions are cost effective, competitive,
and in some cases - can actually provide opportunity for you to
generate revenue, as is the case for Hoteliers and Internet Service

Information is one of your company's biggest assets.
Information security is critical, and most businesses deploy some network
security. But is that enough? After extensive research, Community WISP
identified Motorola Canopy as providing the most secure leg of a typical
end-to-end Internet connection. Canopy provides over-the-air data
encryption, preventing anyone from deciphering data.

Reliable Internet access is a must.
Uninterrupted Internet access is a requirement, not a luxury for most
businesses today. It is no longer just doctors downloading x-rays, and
security companies monitoring multiple locations via the Web that are
critically affected when an Internet connection is down. Community WISP
delivers reliable, fast, secure service - all of the time.

Community WISP has built-in redundancy. If a backbone provider experiences
an outage, we immediately switch to another backbone provider - and we
monitor for outages and alert you if one occurs.

Quality Equipment: Motorola's Canopy™ technology is built to be the "last man
standing." Since Canopy was designed to operate in an unlicensed band, it
works in interference-riddled environments. Even when Mother Nature is
determined to have her way, Motorola's Canopy can withstand 118mph winds and
temperatures ranging from -40oF to 131oF.

Cost Effective—Immediately!
You want fast reliable service, but you also want value.
We provide greater speeds at a fraction of the cost of alternatives - as
much as 60% savings in some cases. Our T1 prices are competitive with any
carrier, and there are no hidden costs because no infrastructure changes are