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CWISP can assist you with all of your Broadband needs.  We specialize in Wireless Technology, such as FCC Licensed  Backhaul with speeds up to 1Gbps as well as UNII Band Point to Multipoint links to one of our Towers starting at the Prudential in Boston to Quincy and Points Sout to Barnstable on Cape Cod.

We also have partnered with several key Fiber Providers in the area and can offer competative rates, especially if you are in or near one of our over two-hundreds "Lit Buildings" in and around Boston   ( a "Lit Building" is a location that already has Fiber in the building somewhere - this reduces the cost and time to turn up a new circuit for you)

Please Call us at 866-863-1035 or simply click the link below to download a PDF Survey Form and we will get you a quote right away.  - Thank you.
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