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May 2011:
Ocean Edge Goes Leading Edge

December 2010:
Cape Cod at High Speed

August 2005:
Beyond Wireless: Canopy ™ Wireless solution for
President Bush on trip to Illinois…Blast Communications delivers...

February 2005:
One WISP in a major metro area found that all the doors opened after
it began to serve those selfsame guardians.

November 2004: Broadband Wireless Business Magazine
Fixed Wireless for Video Surveilllance (DOC)

November 18, 2004
Management Bundle Aids Wireless Hotels

October 27, 2004
Remarks for Michael K. Powell
Chairman, Federal Communications Commission at WISPCON (PDF)

October 14, 2004
Boston Police Department Uses CWISP Wireless solutions for securing DNC and
other local events

October 4, 2004
Federal Port Security Grant supports the monitoring of seaport in Portland,
ME using CWISP wireless solution