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August 10, 2005:
CWISP delivers wireless WAN to Marine Biology Lab in Woods Hole, VoIP over Canopy to fiber...more

November 16, 2004: First 25 hotels who buy new bundled service eligible for Dell laptop raffle...more

November 16, 2004: CWISP bundles Internet Access with Hotspot technology for complete...more

Motorola’s Canopy wireless broadband system helps public safety agencies boost homeland security quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively...more

Head Of The Charles Regatta: CWISP brings VoIP and broadband...more

Port Of Maine: Queen Mary II arrives..CWISP solution helps secure port...more

Community WISP assists with wireless systems for the DNC. The solution was presented on Nightline with Ted Koppel, and appears in a Motorola Press Release a few days later. We also assisted WBZ Channel 4 with their traffic coverage with wireless camera deployments in hot traffic spots around the city. You can read more about it here.

May 2004 - Community WISP is proud to announce an agreement with the Plymouth Harbor Raddisson Hotel. We are providing Internet service to all of their guest suites and conference rooms.

November 2003 - Community WISP expands coverage areas again. Please see our Coverage Map for recent updates.

October 2003 - Community WISP will be donating Internet Access to certain locations for the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston on October 18th and 19th.
Here is what some of the Vendors said about the experience:

September 2003 - Community WISP provided Internet service to Small Business Expo at Plymouth Memorial Hall.

September 2003 - Chuck Badzmeirowski was promoted to VP of Sales due to his superior performace.

August 2003 - Community WISP, Inc. expands coverage with additional satellite towers to allow us to reach customers previosuly blocked by trees and other obstructions in the Marshfield and Quincy area.

August 2003 - Community WISP, Inc. signed an agreement to install on a prominent tower in Kingston, MA. The buildout is expected to be completed by the middle of September. We are looking forward to providing service to the communities around this location.
Update: Our buildout is now complete.

July 2003 - Community WISP, Inc. turns 1 year old.

July 2003 - Community WISP, Inc. enters into an agreement with the John Hancock building in downtown Boston to expand coverage area. Build out of this site is expected to be completed within 30 days. We are proud to provide our quality service from this location, and will update our coverage area as soon as it is completed.
Update: Completed. Visit the wireless camera!

June 2003 - Community WISP, Inc. and American Computer Technologies ( held a Wireless Broadband demonstration event in the Marshfield area with invitations going to members of the Marshfield Chamber of Commerce and other selected businesses.

May 2003 - Community WISP, Inc. presents "Motorola Canopy: A Secure Wireless Network for Homeland Security Applications" to the Spring 2003 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security at the Volpe Center in Cambridge.

May 2003 - Community WISP, Inc. expands coverage area to include many of the cities and towns around Quincy, MA.