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"Every pier and every warehouse is a four-sided structure that we must be able to see and protect," said Chief Fred LaMontagne of the Portland Fire Department. "Community WISP has given us the technology we need for a comprehensive view of every structure and every vessel in Portland Harbor, ensuring the safety of passengers and cargo alike," Chief LaMontagne said. “Community WISP has been great to work with. They understand our needs and concerns and they design and install systems that are effective, highly reliable and affordable," Chief LaMontagne added.

"Being able to offer participants and spectators 'live' intermediate split times and announce final results to after each race will make the Regatta more exciting for everyone involved," said Frederick V. Schoch, HOCR executive director. "As the largest and most prestigious Regatta in the nation, the Head Of The Charles - Regatta is looking forward to bringing this much needed technology to the sport of rowing."

"Working fine!" - John Treadway, Digibug Express.

"Their Internet service was extremely reliable! Community WISP, Inc. did everything they could to help make this event a success!" - Jim Connelly, Clarke & Co.

"I look forward to working with you in the future and know that the experience will make our lives much easier." - Joan E. Hewson, Event Management International.

"It worked perfectly. People were great to work with." - Luke Sessa, Børn.