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Community WISP helps hotels increase guest satisfaction, reduce support costs, achieve revenue targets, and improve efficiency. HotelWISP is the right choice for hotels that wish to provide hassle-free, cost-effective Internet access to guests. Among the many benefits of the HotelWISP service are:
  • Increased guest satisfaction through easy-to-use, reliable, high-speed Internet access.
  • Cost savings through reduced support burden on your staff, capital and IT support cost savings, and reduced Internet access related guest compensations.
  • Revenue generation through advertising on a hotel branded welcome portal, and if you so choose, through pay-per-use guest Internet access.
  • Hotel efficiency through outsourcing the installation, support, management and maintenance of the Internet service for your guests, thus freeing your staff from IT concerns that would otherwise divert attention from your primary business.
  • Advantages over cable and DSL, which require much larger capital investments, and also require expensive, disruptive, and disfiguring installation of wiring throughout your property.