Case Studies

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New England Patriots Victory Parade—
February 2004
Community WISP Wireless Security Network deployed for the Boston Police.

Wireless Solutions by Community WISP are ideal for Events or temporary use because they can be set up in remote, or "stranded" locations, and don't require long lead times for installation, or changes to existing infrastructure.

Head Of The Charles Regatta—October 2004 - 2009 ( our sixth year!)
Community WISP provides T1 Access for near real-time race results postings; and credit card transactions, VoIP and Internet Access for event organizers and vendors. Thanks to our broadband access, for the first time in the event's history giant flat screen TVs will display the race results along the banks of the Charles River for the Regatta's 300,000 spectators. The CWISP wireless solution results in huge cost and time savings for event organizers.

Port of Maine - Portland Harbor—October 2004
Financed with a federal Port Security grant, the Community WISP wireless video surveillance deployment installed the custom wireless video surveillance system to help Portland city officials protect the $850 million, 150,000-ton Queen Mary II and other visiting ships, and Portland Harbor as a whole.

Democratic Nat'l Convention—August 2004
The Massachusetts Highway Department enlisted Community WISP to wirelessly connect nine video cameras already installed along the Southeastern Expressway in Boston to monitor traffic in a convertible high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane. At the same time, Community WISP was contracted by a local television news outlet to provide live video feeds from four traffic bottleneck locations. News stations that normally had traffic reporters providing live traffic information from helicopters were grounded because of the no-fly restrictions placed over the greater Boston area during the convention.

New England Patriots—February 2004
Community WISP previously set up a wireless security network along the parade route in downtown Boston in February of 2004 when the New England Patriots were honored for winning the Super Bowl.