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CommunityWISP offers a reliable and secure managed broadband Internet service, ideal for businesses of any size. Because the "local loop" that connects your business to the Internet is wireless, it bypasses the local telephone company, thus allowing service installation within days rather than weeks or months of ordering, saving you recurring monthly leased line charges, and enabling you to scale connection speed up or down quickly and inexpensively to meet changing business demands. The fixed wireless technology Community WISP uses requires no infrastructure changes, making installation easy and eliminating hidden costs and large capital expenses.

BUSINESS CONTINUITY—Ensuring your business stays in business. Business communications; downloads, data transfers, and running back-ups all require high-speed access. Today you cannot run your business competitively without fast and always-reliable access to the Internet.

Today any amount of Internet access downtime can mean a loss of productivity, revenue, customers, and opportunities. To ensure a reliable network, redundant access to the Internet is now part of a good business strategy and disaster recovery plan.

Community WISP provides a proven solution that is cost effective, reliable and will enable you to maximize your existing Internet service. Call 1-866-863-1035, or email us for more information.