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Community WISP, Inc. co-founded in 2002 by Robert Zakarian and Dain Müller as a culmination of their diverse financial service, facilities and technical backgrounds.

Bob Zakarian: CEO and Co-Founder
Bob’s diverse experience includes the facilities side of the financial services industry, electrical contracting, high-speed food processing, entrepreneurial ventures and the retail drug industry. Bob recently held senior positions at American Power Conversion, HarvardNet and Ionics. Bob is currently co-founder and President of Community WISP, Inc., a Massachusetts Wireless Internet Service Provider deploying Motorola’s Canopy solution as well as FCC Licensed links where appropriate.

Dain Müller: CTO and Co-Founder
Dain has a background in financial services, which lead to an involvement in data management, security and connectivity. For almost a decade he has been involved in either network operations or broadband connectivity based companies working with EMC storage arrays, web and date servers, leased line, DSL, dialup and wireless access. Dain is currently co-founder and VP/CTO of Community WISP, Inc., a Massachusetts Wireless Internet Service Provider deploying Motorola’s Canopy solution.

Tom Woods: Director of Wireless Solutions
Tom has successfully managed multi-million dollar projects within wireless, Internet, and trade event management technologies. Tom brings over 15 years experience in IT, networking and computer technology, and has recent experience installing the PAVMS system at the MBTA in Boston, with Siemens Corporation and Comtronics. Responsible for operations and project management for Community WISP, Tom has worked in radio technology since his early days as a Cryptographic Communications Analysts with the US Army stationed in West Berlin, Germany.

Belinda Vandervoort: Marketing Director
Belinda has a dozen years experience in high tech marketing and strategic communications in the New England area. Working with start ups at all stages of growth, Belinda has held senior management positions in Marketing for companies selling B2B services: wireless Internet access provisioning, network performance testing and protocol analysis, and security solutions. Belinda received a B.S. from Syracuse University.