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Community WISP (CWISP) delivers secure, reliable and cost effective wireless broadband solutions that quickly connect numerous locations and easily supports high demand technologies such as 802.11 - Wi-Fi, VoIP and IP-based video surveillance.

CWISP designs and deploys custom Wireless WANS which feature

Motorola's Canopy ™ fixed wireless broadband technology, enabling our customers to extend or augment existing network services without the

substantial cost, delay and disruption of a hard wired solution.

          Point-to-Point networks that create a wireless bridge-in-the-sky to

          connect buildings located up to 24 miles apart, and support high demand


          A more extensive Point-to-Multipoint network which supports Wi-Fi,                           Mesh, WiMax and Security and Access technologies.

         Wireless Broadband Internet Access (T1 to 100 Mbps), an alternative

         to costly and inconvenient cable/T1 service.

For four years CWISP has provided New England's municipalities, businesses, resorts and educational institutions wireless broadband networks that are robust, reliable and affordable.

Call us. CWISP will help you assess your options, and talk to you about the ROI for your custom wireless broadband solution.